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The future of Grand Bahama is in our hands.

This is the place where you can learn more about how you can secure Grand Bahama’s future development and economic success, for the good of our people, our island and our country. We’re all about finding ways to stimulate the business climate, combine and co-ordinate efforts to improve skills and resources, and create an environment that will attract more investors to our island.

We are Bahamians, Grand Bahamians, licensees of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, residents, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, students, entrepreneurs and investors that have a very real interest in seeing Grand Bahama and the Bahamas grow. We know there are challenges and there are opportunities. And we also know that we all must take an active role in making the future of Grand Bahama what it can and should be.

Through this blog and our Facebook page, Twitter feed and other resources, we will address the issues that affect us all, seek solutions that will move us forward and execute those solutions that will ensure that Grand Bahama fully realises its potential.

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We welcome you to participate in this effort as we bring together the resources, people and plans to see this become a reality.

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  • Christopher Baker (8 years)

    Carey excellent presentation. I would like to work with you on this. I am very concerned about the change in the taxation system from one that is simple and economic to operate and to collect. Any other form of either direct or indirect system will be extremely hard to collect, and enforce in The Bahamas. It will also be a lot more costly to collect as well, so I think it needs to be fully researched before any change.

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